Welcome to LARS. Loft and Recording Studio by Turnlab.

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LARS offers a relaxed place in Antwerp’s city centre to compose and record. Tuck yourself away in our loft, and concentrate on your music. We’re a small pre-production project studio, focusing on writing, production and mixing rather than full band recording situations.

We may not be equipped to record drums or a 10 piece orchestra, but have a nice collection of vintage synths available, the option to do small mic-based recordings (like vocals, guitars) and provide an often much wanted place to hide away and create, with a separate studio space and chill out loft space with kitchen/bar and some local specialities. Also enjoy the great neighbourhood of Antwerp’s trendy South area, with great shops, bars and restaurants.


Come in with your (laptop) computer, hook onto our setup, and start working. In the future we’ll offer an in-house Mac computer, with Protools/Ableton Live/Bitwig, full UAD/Native Instruments/Arturia plug-in sets, etc.


Van Trierstraat 44, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium.
For all request or inquiries please mail us at lars@turnlab.be.

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